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Best aero bars and clip-ons

The down tube of a road or mountain bike has a functional purpose: to absorb bumps and vibrations so your wheels don’t go bouncing around. But if you’re riding a cyclocross bike, or racing on a track, or just trying to keep your bike under control in a high-speed group ride, the down tube is more than a mere bump stopper. It also serves the purpose of warding off crosswinds and sudden gusts. I prefer to use aero bars when I ride my road bike, but I also find clip-on aerobars really useful when I’m riding my mountain bike. I like the aero bars on my mountain bike because I can keep my hands free to steer, brake, and shift,

When mounting your bike, you want to do it in such a way that you are not holding the handlebars at the very end of the ride, but at the centre of the handlebar. This is the best place for your hands to be to maintain your aerodynamic position, as the wind will hit them more evenly than in other positions.

If you’ve never tried biking with aero bars, you really should give them a go. While aero bars are heavier than the old-school drop bars of yesteryear, they are quicker and more comfortable. They are also safer, since there is less risk of crashing. As a result, they are more popular with road cyclists, who use them to race at faster speeds.

Aero bars help you create a tucked, more aerodynamic position on the bike

Aero bars allow you to ride in a tucked, more aerodynamic posture. Future Publishing/Joe Branston

Zipp VukaClip

Joe Branston/Future Publishing/Zipp Vuka

USE Tula Boost

Joe Branston/Future Publishing/APPLY Tula Boost

Profile T3+

T3+ profile Future Publishing/Joe Branston

USE R1 Aerobar

Joe Branston/Future Publishing/R1 Aerobar R1 Aerobar R1 Aerobar R1 Aerobar R1 Aero

Vision Trimax Carbon SI

Trimax Carbon SI by Vision Future Publishing/Joe Branston

Vision Trimax Carbon OS

Carbon OS Vision Trimax Future Publishing/Joe Branston

Zipp Vuka Alumina system

Zipp Vuka Alumina System Zipp Vuka Alumina System Zipp Vuka Alumina System Zipp V

3T Mistral

Mistral 3T Future Publishing/Joe Branston

Aero bars change the upright posture of your barn door into a slick aero design. But what characteristics should you seek for in a perfect set?

It’s critical to have excellent arm rest cushions on your aero bars for extended rides and races. Look for a set that is thick and broad enough so that no part of the arm-cups is visible. Some can be taken off to be washed. 

Extension poles, which come in a variety of forms, are another option. It comes down to personal preference and posture, and flatter isn’t necessarily more aerodynamic. Alloy poles are less expensive, allowing you to experiment with various designs, but carbon poles are lighter.

Excessively heavy bars make life more difficult if you compete on steep courses on a regular basis. If you like to ride on flatter terrain, though, aerodynamics and comfort should be your primary considerations. 

Your posture has a direct effect on your aerodynamics and power, therefore you need adjustable bars. This comprises the arm rests’ height and breadth, as well as the poles’ fore and aft positions.

Here’s our choice for the finest aero bars and clip-ons for 2012, divided into integrated bars (which include a handlebar and extensions) and clip-ons (extensions that you add to your existing bar). 


Alumina system Zipp Vuka Zipp Vuka Zipp Vuka Zipp Vuka

£189.97 (£59.99 base bar, £89.99 Clip, £39.99 extensions) / 255 dollars (US$80 base bar, US$120 Clip, US$55 extensions)




Zipp vuka alumina system: Zipp vuka alumina system: Zipp vuka alumina system: Zipp

Zipp’s Vuka Alumina aero bar system is fantastic. The extensions can be adjusted in length, relative width, and angle; the pads can be adjusted in width, height, fore/aft, and angle; and the base bar may be adjusted in angle, height, and fore/aft with the flexibility to utilize any stem. To read our complete evaluation of the Zipp Vuka Alumina system, click here.

Carbon OS Vision TriMax (bar plus R-Bend CSI clip-ons)

£509.90 (£279.95 base bar, £229.95 extensions) / $589.98 (US$259.99 base bar, $329.99 extensions)




vision trimax carbon os, vision trimax carbon os, vision trimax carbon os, vision trimax carbon os, vision trimax carbon Future Publishing/Joe Branston

Vision is one of the most well-known brands in the aero bar industry. The Trimax Carbon OS base bar is compatible with clip-on extensions and accommodates 31.8mm stems. It’s a flat, slightly forward swept wing with cow-horns for the brake levers to give you that additional bit of confidence while you’re turning. The base bar may be adjusted by several centimetres in width, and the pads have three distinct settings. You won’t be able to make them extremely thin, however. To minimize drag, the brake and gear cabling is entirely internal. The extensions were secure once installed, and there was no slippage. Overall, the bars are strong and adjustable, and they’re less expensive than the completely integrated bar.

From: Vision

USE R1 Aerobar 

(TBC) £800-£1,000 / US$N/A




Joe Branston/Future Publishing/USE r1 aerobar

We tried a pre-production prototype of USE’s R1 aero bar and were pleased — it’s one of the lightest available, weighing in at 645g with the base bar, extensions, and brake levers. On the road, it performed well, and we were able to establish a comfortable yet quick driving position with ease. The base bar seems to be thin, but it is very strong, and the forward sweep of the pods provides an excellent cornering stance. The elbow pads are comfortable and can be adjusted to two different widths, and the extensions can also be adjusted to two different widths. The in-line brakes, on the other hand, require some getting used to. 

The R1 comes with a shim to suit a conventional stem as well as certain superbikes with integrated bar configurations. We encountered some problems with our sample, but we’re certain they’ll be resolved for the production bar; otherwise, we’d give this full points for performance.

From: USE

R-Bend CSI Vision TriMax Carbon SI

US$679.99 / £649.95




vision trimax carbon si, vision trimax carbon si, vision trimax carbon si, vision trimax carbon si, vision trimax carbon si Future Publishing/Joe Branston

The Vision TriMax Carbon Si R-Bend CSI aero bar is a more integrated version of the base bar and clip-ons discussed before. However, it comes at a price: £140 more for a comparable product that is 25g heavier. Because the extensions protrude directly from the base bar, the primary aerodynamic benefit of these bars is reduced mass at the base of the extensions. This also means there’s no risk of the extensions sliding if you hit a pothole. The extensions have a set width, however they may be swiveled in and out using R-Bends. The pads have Vision’s usual three-width adjustment – we’d like to be able to narrow them down a little further – and we’ve found them to be extremely pleasant for long days in the saddle. Overall, it’s a pretty stiff bar, which is why it’s used on so many professional bikes.

Source: Vision

Mistral 3T

£259.99 (about US$350)




Mistral 3T: Mistral 3T Future Publishing/Joe Branston

The 3T Mistral is an entry-level aerobar that’s got a lot going for it. It’s by far the cheapest integrated bar on test, and the low price doesn’t mean you pay a big weight penalty: the base bar plus extensions weighs 792g (for the record, add another 58g for 3T aero alloy brake levers). We liked the range of adjustability – the pads can go in 16 different positions on the base bar, although we’d like to see risers underneath them for better aerodynamics. We’d also prefer narrower options for the pad settings. The aluminium extensions are fitted underneath the base bar, and have rotational as well as fore-aft adjustment. They feel extremely solid while riding and the pads are comfortable. Cornering on the raised cow-horns is good too. Overall, we’re impressed by this well thought out entry-level bar.

From: 3T


USE Tula Boost 

£75 for the chassis and £75 for the poles / US$N/A





We had some difficulties installing them, but it was well worth it. They perfectly matched the characteristics we were seeking for, such as adaptability, aerodynamics, comfort, and light weight. They come with all of the standard features, such as adjustable armrest settings and extendable extension poles. But, due to their innovative ‘Rock & Roll’ clasp, they go much farther. The arm rests may now be angled in nearly any way you can think of. It’s very light at 310g, and if you’re prepared to spend a little more, you can get a carbon chassis to save another 90g. The arm rests’ gel pads are also fantastic. They’re made by Fizik, a seat manufacturer, and despite their thinness, they absorb every bump on the road. These bars are fantastic if you don’t mind messing with Allen keys.

From: USE

VukaClip Zipp

£125 for the chassis and £109.99 for the extension poles / $175 USD




zipp vukaclip, zipp vukaclip, zipp vukaclip, zipp vukaclip, zipp vukaclip Future Publishing/Joe Branston

These aero bars aren’t the lightest or cheapest on the market, but they are among the quickest. The VukaClips were created with aerodynamics and flexibility in mind, and they are clutter-free and useful in every way. The carbon bar extensions attach to the bases using a simple twist lock mechanism, allowing for quick modifications without the need of tools and fewer bolts to obstruct airflow. The aluminium clip-on bases are sweat-resistant and come with risers to allow you to elevate the comfy armpads. They also feature three width settings and can be adjusted backwards and forwards, making it simple to find the quickest position, especially with the bar extensions. They look and feel fantastic, and although their weight may deter you, the smart design and high build quality will compensate.

Zipp’s source

T3+ profile

£129.99 / £99.99




t3+ profile: t3+ profile Future Publishing/Joe Branston

These may seem a little dated, but they’re hard to match in terms of affordability, functionality, and comfort. They can be changed in every way you can think of due to a variety of easily accessible bolts, clamps, and holes. The arm rests may be moved forwards, backwards, side to side, and even inwards. 

The soft foam arm pads include Velcro straps that secure them to the base plates. They’re easy to take apart and clean, and they provide you easy access to the Allen key bolts below. The alloy extensions may also be rotated and adjusted. While they’re extremely adaptable, the many clamps, straps, and metal components make them seem bulky and unattractive. Aside from that, they’re ideal for long-distance triathlons when you need all-day comfort while maintaining an aerodynamic posture.

Source: Profile

This article is based on reviews from Triathlon Plus magazine, which is accessible on Zinio.

In 2017 the aero bars and clip-on are back and better than ever. So, which are the best? I am sure you have read and heard so many things about them, and to be honest I am not sure which one is the best. I have seen a lot of reviews of clip-ons and aero bars, I have seen a lot of reviews of aero bars and clip-ons. I have seen a lot of reviews of clip-ons and aero bars, I have seen a lot of reviews of aero bars and clip-on, and I have seen a lot of reviews of aero bars and clip-ons and aero bars. So, I am not sure which aero bars and clip-. Read more about clip-on aero bars for aero handlebars and let us know what you think.

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The best clip on aero bars are the ones that have a good grip, and are easy to install.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Are clip on aero bars worth it?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Clip on aero bars are not worth it, as the clip is very fragile and can break easily.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you select clips on aero bars?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
To select a clip, you can either use the touchpad on your controller or press the button on one of the bars.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best clip on aero bars?

The best clip on aero bars are the ones that have a good grip, and are easy to install.

Are clip on aero bars worth it?

Clip on aero bars are not worth it, as the clip is very fragile and can break easily.

How do you select clips on aero bars?

To select a clip, you can either use the touchpad on your controller or press the button on one of the bars.

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