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Best autumn cycling kit | Long-sleeve jerseys and shorts reviewed

Autumn is the perfect time to ride your bike. The weather cools down, autumn colors come out, and you are out in the fresh air. As you cycle, you’ll start seeing the leaves change colors and fall off trees. It’s a beautiful experience. But wait! Maybe it’s too beautiful to ride your bike, as all the colors and fresh air can get to you and ruin your workout. And what if you want to be fashionable while you ride? You need a good jacket and a comfortable pair of shorts.

We are not just about things that are new and cool, but also about things that are tried and tested. Whether you are a racer, an occasional commuter or someone who rides a bike to work, we’ve got the best cycling kit for all of you.

With the weather warming up, we’ve noticed that we all start to carry more and more layers of clothing than we actually need; jerseys, tights, jackets, gloves and so on. It’s no wonder that many people find it hard to stay cool and dry, especially when cycling. Best autumn cycling kit | Long-sleeve jerseys and shorts reviewed. Read more about summer long sleeve cycling jersey and let us know what you think.

Cycling in the fall is everything but predictable. It may bring rain, sleet, and snow, or milder temps and sunlight if we’re fortunate.

In fact, you may experience many of these scenarios on a single trip, making deciding what to wear on the bike challenging.

Fortunately, there is a wide selection of high-quality gear intended for riding this time of year, regardless of the weather, and for a variety of prices.

The key to success is adaptability.

The key is versatile riding gear, and layering may help keep you warm without overheating at a time of year when the weather can change rapidly.

A summer jersey and arm warmers will suffice on milder days, while a breezy long-sleeve jersey will provide extra warmth in normal fall circumstances. A gilet will keep the wind at bay and may simply be tucked into a jersey pocket for extra warmth.

There’s a new generation of jerseys intended for fall riding that include jacket-like characteristics in a lightweight packaging for cold or wet conditions. Warmth and breathability are provided without adding bulk.

Some may include windproof panels or a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment to keep you dry in a shower, but for really rainy weather, you’ll need a waterproof jacket.

Autumn cycle clothing

Cycling in the fall may bring you anything from brilliant sunlight to torrential downpour. Smith, Robert

Moving down the torso, bib shorts and knee warmers provide the most flexibility for your money. For chilly rides, several manufacturers even offer thermally insulated shorts with a fleece lining.

The 34 bib knicker, which reaches over the knee but stops short of becoming a full-length tight, is another fall choice.

These are not as versatile as shorts/knee warmers, but they are warm and pleasant. They’re also excellent for ‘cross racing and gravel riding. Once you have a pair, you’ll be surprised at how often you use them.

Take a peek.

This buyer’s guide includes full fall costumes from ten of the most popular companies, with choices to suit every budget. Continue reading to find out what we thought.

Check out the buyer’s guide at the bottom of this post for additional tips on what to look for while shopping for fall clothes.

  • Triban: £63 (jersey is £25; bib shorts are £25; and knee warmers are £13)
  • £75 for the shirt, £80 for the bib shorts, and £18 for the knee warmers
  • Madison: £210 (£85 for the jersey, £100 for the bib shorts, and £25 for the knee warmers).
  • £206 (jersey £90, bib shorts £88, knee warmers £28) Endura
  • £275 (jersey £120, bib shorts £125, knee warmers £30) Giro
  • £290 (jersey £150, bib shorts £100, and knee warmers £40)
  • £295 (jersey £135 / 34 bibs £160) Le Col
  • Gore: £355 (jersey is £100, bib shorts are £220, and knee warmers are £35)
  • £370 (jersey £170, bib shorts £150, knee warmers £50) Castelli
  • £400 (jersey £150, bib shorts £200, knee warmers £50) Rapha


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from btwin

Triban provides well-fitting gear that’s perfect for the cooler fall months. It’s also a great deal. Smith, Robert

Long-Sleeve Triban RC-100 Jersey

  • £24.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL.
  • Colors: Navy/Orange, Black/Blue

The mid-weight Triban RC-100 long sleeve jersey is an excellent value for money if you’re on a limited budget. This paneled jersey is made of a lightweight polyester fleece-style fabric that keeps the cold at bay on cooler fall days.

The roomy fit is true to size without being baggy or ill-fitting. The collar is tall and plush, and it seals effectively, but no zip garage is included. The body has a lot of length to it.

The three main back pockets are simple to access, and there’s also a handy side pocket for a gel. Temperature regulation is provided via a full-length zip, however an inside draft flap to keep the elements out was missing.

Although the RC-100 isn’t windproof, it breathes nicely and outperforms its price tag.

Bib Shorts Triban RC-100

  • £24.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXXL.

The Triban RC-100 Bib Shorts’ legs are snug but not unpleasant, which helps to keep everything in place, particularly because the leg ends lack silicone grippers.

With its channeled shape on the inside, the pad looks the part. The chamois seems too large and bunches up when you first put the shorts on, but it stretches out and sits nicely on the bike, doing a good job for the price.

The top bibs were fine for us. They’re constructed of mesh for additional breathability, and they’re broad enough for a relaxing ride.

Triban Knee Warmers for Cold Weather

  • £12.99 RRP
  • XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL are the sizes available.

Triban’s Cold Weather Knee Warmers are constructed of brushed fleece fabric with silicone grippers to hold them in place and provide excellent value. They’re excellent for warmer fall days when full winter gear isn’t needed, especially if you’re on a budget, when paired with bib shorts.


Kit that fits well and is suitable for cycling in the generally dry and moderate fall weather. Extremely good value.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from DHB

Equinox knee warmers by dhb are the ideal fall companion.

Aeron Equinox Thermal Jersey by dhb

  • RRP: £75
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • Black, Black/Yellow, Green/Navy, and Red/Black are the available colors.

Two distinct Italian materials are used in the lightweight dhb Equinox jersey. The arms are made of a softly brushed, tighter knit fabric, while the torso is made of a dimpled brushed fabric that traps air for warmth.

This outfit breathes nicely, and the full-length front zip helps regulate temperature. The zip garage on the plush and comfortable tall collar was also a plus.

Three big back pockets offer plenty of space, although they may droop if they’re overstuffed. For valuables, there’s an extra zip pocket with a sweat-resistant cover. Everything is held in place by a silicone gripper. On all save the coldest fall days, the jersey fits true to size and works nicely with a base layer.

Aeron Equinox Bib Shorts by dhb

  • RRP: £80
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.

The main body of the dhb Aeron Equinox bib shorts is made up of three distinct materials in a tidy panelled pattern. A flexible, extremely breathable fabric is used on the inner leg/sit panels to assist wick perspiration away.

Dhb utilizes a thin, tight-knit, softly brushed cloth on the lower back and exposed panels that is extremely wind resistant while being breathable.

The top bibs are made of a mesh fabric with broad and comfortable shoulder straps, and silicone leg grippers perform well. The Paris HP pad, which utilizes three foam densities and is wide-covering within the shorts, is comfortable on the bike, even on lengthy rides. There’s also a variant for ladies.

Equinox Thermal Knee Warmers by dhb

  • RRP: £18
  • Sizes range from XS to L.

The Equinox knee warmers from dhb are the ideal fall companion, thanks to their flexible but breathable thermal brushed fabric and twin silicone tips that keep them in place.


With the exception of the coldest or wettest days, this is a fantastic value combo.


Autumn Outfits Madison2

Kit with a racing pedigree that is suitable for fall cycling without breaking the bank. Smith, Robert

Long-sleeved Madison Roadrace Thermal Jersey

  • £84.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • Burgundy and navy are the colors used.

This jersey was created in collaboration with the old Madison-Genesis pro squad and has a racing fit but is forgiving. It’s composed of a thicker, Italian-made Thermal Roubaix fabric that’s designed for riding.

This fabric keeps out the elements and offers excellent insulation while yet allowing air to pass through. For additional comfort, Madison has added a zip garage to the tall, plush collar.

The three well-placed pockets on the back take care of stashing. Ideal for colder, drier fall days, but you’ll need an outer layer on rainy days. You can get it for a fraction of the retail price.

Bib Shorts Madison Roadrace Premio Thermal DWR

  • £99.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Madison’s Roadrace Premio Thermal shorts are made of brushed Italian fabric for extra warmth and have a DWR coating that allows rain to roll off in a shower, but they aren’t fully waterproof.

The panels are thin, which contributes to their comfort. Because of the broad, half-leg grippers, the raw end legs remain where you want them.

The interior pad was first awkward, but it now fits nicely on the bike. The pad has three different foam densities to guarantee a pain-free riding.

Madison Thermal Knee Warmers (Madison Sportive Thermal Knee Warmers)

  • £24.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XL.

The brushed Sportive Thermal Knee Warmers are ideal for this use, as the flexible fabric and broad top grippers with silicone inside details provide warmth and comfort. Reflective logos help you stand out.


Kit with a racing heritage that works well for fall pedaling without breaking the bank.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Endura

Endura has created a style that is both affordable and functional on the road. Smith, Robert

L/S Endura Pro SL Jersey

  • £89.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL. & XS – XXL
  • Colours: Navy & Black, Blue

Endura’s Pro SL is a mid-weight thermal that, unlike many others, does not utilize brushed fabric. This results in low-bulk insulation, which is excellent for cooler fall rides.

The front zip includes a garage to prevent neck discomfort, as well as a flap to keep drafts out. The general fit is true to size, with a tall collar, drop tail, and appropriate length arms, and the overall cut is race-style yet forgiving.

A zippered valuables compartment and three easy-access main pockets handle kit transport well.

FS260-Pro Thermo Bibshort by Endura

  • £87.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL.

The shorts are made of Endura’s soft-brushed Thermo Roubaix fabric, which is insulated on the inside and has a DWR coating on the outside to keep rain off. They’re not entirely waterproof, but they’ll keep you dry in the rain.

Endura’s 600 Series stretch pad, which is computer cut with a constantly changing profile and gel inserts, provides a forgiving ride on the inside. The shorts are cut tight and true to size, with broad raw-end leg grippers with silicone detailing to hold them in place.

On the back, there are reflective stripes that, together with the brand insignia, assist to keep you visible. The high front with zip and back panel keep your midriff toasty warm.

Thermo Knee Warmers by Endura

  • £27.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S/M to L/XL.

When you combine the Pro SL jersey and FS260-Pro Thermo shorts with Endura’s similarly high-performing Thermo warmers, which are made of the same fabric as the shorts, you’ve got a stylish ensemble for colder, rainier days.


A versatile configuration that is both affordable and capable on the road.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Giro

In adverse conditions, Giro’s Chrono Windbloc Pro Jersey shines. Smith, Robert

Pro Jersey Giro Chrono Windbloc

  • £119.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL.
  • Colors include black, grey, and orange.

For colder days, Giro’s mid-weight, long-sleeve jersey is perfect. The Polartec windproof panels on the front and top of the arms keep the cold out while also assisting in heat retention.

On the back panels, Giro utilizes a soft fleecy Italian thermal fabric that is not only warm and comfortable, but also breathes well. On wet days, the DWR coating keeps you dry in the shower and protects you from road spray.

The tall fleece-lined collar, front zip draft flap, and main hem, as well as the wide articulated wrists that easily fit beneath gloves, assist to keep you sealed. When fully filled, the three rear expanded compartments perform well.

Giro Expert Bib Shorts Chrono

  • £124.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL.

The Chrono Expert shorts from Giro feature long legs that provide excellent covering. The compression leg grippers keep everything in place without feeling tight, and the fit is true to size all around.

Upper bibs with mesh uppers and broad straps are comfortable to wear and keep you cool and dry. The Giro-designed soft inner cushion is comfortable to wear. It includes plenty of cushioning where you need it the most, as well as little air channels and perforated holes for ventilation.

The Giro Women’s Chrono Expert Halter Bib Shorts are also available in a women’s version.

Knee Warmers by Giro

  • £29.99 RRP
  • XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL are the sizes available.

The Wikopro knitted fabric used in Giro’s knee warmers is soft and flexible. Without the use of silicone, this extremely breathable polyester/nylon mix glides nicely with your legs.


A well-made fall riding outfit with a jersey that performs well in inclement conditions.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Sportful

Sportful offers high-quality, high-performance gear that is well worth the money. Smith, Robert

Fiandre Strato Wind Jacket Fiandre Strato Wind Jacket Fiandre Strato Wind Jacket Fiandre Stra

  • £150 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXXL.
  • Colors include black, blue, grey, and orange.

The Strato has a lot of jacket characteristics, yet it feels more like a jersey. The brushed NoRain fabric used throughout not only provides excellent insulation, but it also aids rain beading and rolling off.

Also windproof and water-resistant are the breathable Gore-Tex Infinium front and shoulder panels. Temperature management is aided by hidden zippered front vents.

It seals nicely around the velvety tall neck, long cuffs, and wide-brimmed hems, which we loved. The three back pockets aren’t as large as others, but we’ve never had an issue with baggage capacity. Racers will love the fit, but mortals will need to size larger.

Sportful Bibshort Fiandre Norain 2

  • RRP is £100.
  • Sizes range from S to XXXL.

The Fiandre NoRain 2 bib shorts benefit from a mix of lightweight brushed inners and water-resistant outers on colder and possibly rainy rides.

Rain rolls off in all but the hardest of storms, and Sportful has reduced seams to a minimum to assist minimize wet penetration.

The legs provide enough covering, and the raw-edge silicone grippers perform well. Mesh uppers keep you cool and keep you comfortable. On lengthy days, the multi-density TC Pro inner pad provides a smooth ride.

Knee Warmers from Norain, a sporty brand.

  • RRP: £40
  • Sizes range from S to XL.

The NoRain knee warmers are made of the same high-performance, water-resistant fabric as the bib shorts, making this a flexible and high-quality set that’s perfect for chilly or wet days.


Quality, high-performance cold and wet-weather riding gear that is well worth the money.

Le Col

autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Le Col

Fall riding may bring with it a lot of changing weather, therefore Le Col’s autumn gear provides high-end performance. Smith, Robert

Jersey Le Col Pro Aqua Zero LS

  • £135 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXXL.
  • Black and navy are the colors used.

Le Col’s trendy Aqua Zero jersey is a cross between a jersey and a jacket. This mid-weight shirt is designed for racers and has a similar fit, but the sleeves are shorter than others.

It’s composed of Le Col’s soft yet warm Blizzard thermal fleece fabric, which keeps you warm on chilly days while remaining remarkably breathable. Although we did receive some water penetration through the zip, this also has a DWR coating, so you won’t have any problems in the shower.

The seals are excellent all over, and the tall collar’s zip garage is a nice touch. Three rear pockets provide sufficient storage, although they are located high on the back of the bag, making access a bit more difficult. The Italian-made Aqua Zero comes into its own on cooler fall or spring days.

3/4 Bibs Le Col Pro

  • £160 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXXL.

With their increased covering, the Pro 34 Bibs make life easier and get you out the door faster on colder days, eliminating the need for knee warmers. Even on the uppers, Le Col utilizes an Italian Roubaix fleece fabric. This offers additional warmth and insulation over the shoulders and belly.

The broad logo’d, silicone-lined grippers keep the legs in position so there’s no bunching behind the calf muscles, resulting in a smooth and pleasant ride.

Le Col’s wide-covering Dolomiti memory pad is used on the inside. This seems broad at first, but it fits well after you start pedaling, and the memory foam takes excellent care of your back. The channels are deeper than others, and they aid in sweat reduction and improved ventilation.

While 34 bibs aren’t for everyone, we like them, and the Pros are a good example, albeit a bit expensive, for fall riding chores.


High-end performance for the worst fall conditions, ideal for riders who like 34 bibs.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Gore

With the typical Gore quality, this is a solid fall performance. Smith, Robert

Thermo Jersey Gore C5

  • £99.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXL.
  • Colors: Neon, Black/Red, Black/White, Blue/Black, and Black/Red Red/Black, Yellow/Black

Gore’s form-fitting garments C5 is a forgiving and comfortable jersey that runs true to size. Maximum covering is provided by long arms, a drop tail, and large front panels.

The long collar, like the comfortable medium-weight brushed thermal fabric, feels great against the skin.

The three big back pockets are quick and simple to reach. There’s also a zippered pocket for valuables. All of this comes together in a warm jersey that works well as a mid-layer with an outer shell on rainy or windy days, as well as on cold, dry fall days.

C7 Race Bib Shorts+ by Gore

  • The RRP for this item is £219.99.
  • Sizes: S – XXL

The paneled design of the C7 bibs utilizes compression fabric to support the muscles, and the fit is true to size and not too tight.

Abrasion-resistant and anti-piling, the four-way stretch fabric is very gentle on the skin. The Central Torso Architecture of Gore shorts, which anchors the shorts across the thighs, lower back, and shoulders, works effectively and keeps the legs and inner pad precisely in position in and out of the saddle. The Windstopper front cup panels come in handy.

Knee Warmers Gore C3 Thermo

  • £34.99 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to S, M to L, and XL to XXL.

Gore’s paneled C3 Thermo knee warmers are the ideal complement to the C7 shorts’ high-performance and comfort. They’re comfortable and toasty, with pre-shaped knees.


With the typical Gore quality, this is a solid fall performance for warmer weather.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Castelli

If you have the cash, top-end racing performance that covers most fall riding conditions. Smith, Robert

RoS Jersey of Castelli Nelmezzo

  • £170 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXXL.
  • Black/Red, Blue/Yellow Fluro, Navy/Orange, Grey/Orange, Red/Black are some of the colors available.

A toasty brushed inside and a Nano Flex Xtra Dry exterior make up this double-thickness jersey. The latter performs a good job of blocking the wind and will keep you dry in a downpour. Because it isn’t a completely waterproof covering, the breathability is improved, allowing you to operate in a range of climates.

The seal is excellent all around, and the tall, plush collar is a nice touch. It doesn’t have a zip garage, but it travels well. The traditional three-pocket design is ideal. On the right side, there’s also a protected valuables pocket.

The cut is form-fitting, so mortals should size up. The Nelmezzo’s mix of warmth, rain protection, and excellent breathability makes it ideal for both dry and wet fall rides.

Bib Shorts Castelli Nano Flex Pro 2 RoS Omloop

  • £150 RRP
  • Sizes range from S to XXXL.

Castelli’s Omloop shorts, with their warm brushed Nano Flex Xtra Fabric, are perfect for when the weather turns bad. The tight weave helps to keep the wind out, while the double-faced fabric offers additional insulation. Rain rolls down the outer surface.

The long-angled raw-edge legs reach the top of the knee – they are longer than regular shorts – while the rear sits higher for unhindered pedalling. Wide mesh uppers provide comfort and a sweat-free ride. Inside, Castelli’s Progetto X2 Air inner pad provides a luxurious ride.

Knee Warmers Castelli Nano Flex 3G

  • RRP: £50
  • Sizes range from S to XL.

Castelli’s Nano Flex 3G Knee Warmers provide value for money by providing comfort, insulation, windproofing, and shower protection.


If you have the cash, top-end racing performance that covers most fall riding conditions.


autumn outfit - jersey, bib short and knee warmers from Rapha

Rapha’s gear is never inexpensive, but it always looks good. Smith, Robert

Rapha Pro Team Long Sleeve Thermal Jersey

  • £150 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • Green/Grey, Grey, Navy, Navy/Chartreuse, Red, Ultramarine, Yellow, Green/Grey, Grey, Navy, Navy/Chartreuse, Red, Ultramarine, Yellow

A lightweight, long-sleeved jersey with a tailored cut to help conserve energy and provide fleecy thermal protection. There are no front seams, and the shoulder and back panels are joined. Stretchy side panels provide a body-hugging fit that isn’t constricting.

The breadth of the outer back pockets is limited as a result of this. They do, on the other hand, sit flat when empty and have an internal pump loop.

The Pro Team Thermal is smooth and comfortable to wear. It has excellent insulation and breathability, but it’s pricey for a jersey that doesn’t provide any wind or water protection.

Thermal Bib Shorts II by Rapha Pro Team

  • £200 RRP
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Rapha’s Pro Team bibs include warm brushed inners, while the outers assist keep the wind out by allowing rain to slide off during a downpour. Although the legs aren’t as lengthy as others, the broad hems with silicone grippers keep them in place. The soft fabric around the midsection was a nice touch.

Rapha’s dual-density Pro Team pad on the inside seems heavy and clunky at first, but it pleased us on the road. When pedaling, the fit is snug but not too constrictive, and the size is right on.

(Editor’s note: Rapha has discontinued the Pro Team Thermal Bib Shorts, but the Classic Thermal Bib Shorts are still available.)

Knee Warmers made of Rapha Merino Wool

Rapha’s Merino knee warmers are pricey, but they’re soft, have a nice fit, are warm, and breathe well. They’re neither windproof or water-resistant, but since they’re made of Merino wool, they keep you warm and dry fast.


This is a high-quality combination that works well, but it comes at a cost.

When shopping for fall clothes, there are six things to keep in mind.



We prefer bibs with upper shoulder straps, whether they’re shorts or 34 knickers. These hold everything in place, provide midriff warmth, and keep the inside cushion in position for comfort.



As you cycle, you will sweat, therefore excellent ventilation is essential to avoid getting a cold when you slow down. Wicking is the process of drawing perspiration away from the body and through the cloth. Zips also aid with temperature control.


Treatment for hydrophobicity

DWR (durable water repellent) coating is seen on certain shorts, jerseys, and warmers. This inhibits the entry of water and encourages it to roll off in beads, allowing you to get through a light rain, but it isn’t completely waterproof.

Autumn cycle clothing

Maintaining your equipment will pay you in the long term. Smith, Robert


Pad made of chamois

When it comes to riding comfort, the inner pad is the most essential contact point, and its significance should not be overlooked. The price of anything is often reflected in its quality.



Full-length front zips, easy-access pockets, and comfy collars are just a few of the elements that may help with comfort and convenience. It’s also a good idea to include reflecting details.



Warmers, whether for the arms, legs, or knees, are a flexible addition to any ride. Many now include a thermal fabric for colder days or a water-resistant treatment to keep you dry in the rain.

Clothing maintenance

Autumn riding gear is fairly high-tech these days, so read the directions carefully if you want it to stay working properly. Don’t simply toss it in the washing machine with your other items.

There are now sports detergents that are especially intended for these tasks and are gentle on equipment. Tumble drying and fabric softeners should be avoided. A little tender loving care may go a long way.

It is that time of year when you need to make a choice on what kit to wear on your bike. The cycling season means that the weather is not so cold, and therefore you want to wear something that is easy to dry after the rain. Best autumn cycling kit: long sleeve jerseys and shorts reviewed.. Read more about best value cycling jerseys and let us know what you think.

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The best cycling jersey material is a polyester blend that has been treated with an anti-microbial agent.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What should I wear to autumn road cycling?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You should wear a cycling jersey, shorts, and shoes.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best brand of cycling clothing?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cycling jersey material?

The best cycling jersey material is a polyester blend that has been treated with an anti-microbial agent.

What should I wear to autumn road cycling?

You should wear a cycling jersey, shorts, and shoes.

What is the best brand of cycling clothing?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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