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Best chain breaker tool 2023 | 6 of the best rated & reviewed by our experts

The chain breaker is a simple device that helps you to quickly remove your bike chain from your bike’s crankset. It has a threaded end that fits into the fixed end of the crankset and a free floating end. When you are cycling and you have a chain that is stuck on your crankset, this is the tool you need to free your chain. The majority of the time it will come out with just a little bit of force.

Bicycles are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. For many people cycling is their preferred form of exercise alongside other sports. Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy, but for many people, something is holding them back from cycling more often. There are a range of barriers that prevent people from riding more often, including time, lack of space and the ability to ride safely.

There’s no doubt about it, when you’re running a bike repair business, the best way to increase your profits is to keep your customers happy and not lose any business from people who are dissatisfied. The question then becomes how to do that? For many of us, the answer is to simply have the best chain breaker tool available. Unfortunately, there are a lot of chain breaker tools out there, and finding the best can be a real challenge.. Read more about best motorcycle chain breaker tool and let us know what you think.

A decent chain breaker (also known as a chain splitter or just a chain tool) is an important component of any home mechanic’s toolbox since it allows you to split old chains, shorten fresh ones, and connect those that utilize a pin instead of a quick-link.

You may already have a chain tool on your multi-tool, but they’re usually tiny and lack leverage, so they’re best saved for emergencies.

In its lifespan, a good workshop grade device will split or connect hundreds of thousands of chains, and the better ones include a replacement driving pin so you don’t have to throw it away when it bends.

We put six chain breakers to the test to see which ones are worth your money.

According to our professional testers, the best workshop chain tools for 2023 are

In our testing, the following chain tools received four or more stars out of five:

  • Damselfly Universal Chain Tool by Birzman: £40 / $24
  • £28 / AU$50 Topeak All Speeds chain tool
  • £45 / $50 / AU$75 Lezyne Classic chain breaker
  • Chain tool for Pedro’s Apprentice: £55 / $72 / AU$110
  • £35 / AU$72 Park Tool CT-3.2 chain tool

Damselfly Universal Chain Tool by Birzman

Birzman Damselfly Universal Chain Tool

Damselfly Universal Chain Tool by Birzman. Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… The Birzman tool has a futuristic appearance that we appreciate, and the build quality is excellent. Thanks to the large handle, which provides enough of power, and the deep, spring-loaded cradle, which firmly secures chains, it’s a breeze to use. All types of speed chains are acceptable. There is also a spare driving pin supplied.

This isn’t good… Despite its little weight of 239g, it’s one of the biggest here. There’s no place to put the extra pin. Some additional features, such as a stiff-link cradle, would be welcome at this price.

Topeak Chain Tool for All Speeds

Topeak All Speeds Chain Tool

Topeak Chain Tool for All Speeds Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… The Topeak All Speeds features a stiff-link cradle with a replacement driving pin and chain hook concealed inside the handle, making it the most feature-rich tool available. If your road bike is equipped with Campagnolo components, it will also operate with hollow-pin chains. The pin is perfectly aligned, and the comfort and construction quality are excellent, with enough of leverage for extracting stubborn pins.

This isn’t good… Because the fixed chain cradle is one of the shallowest on the test, thin chains aren’t as secure as they are on some of the other instruments. It’s also one of the heavier choices, weighing 274g.

Classic Chain Breaker by Lezyne

Lezyne Classic Chain Breaker

Classic Chain Breaker by Lezyne. Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… The Lezyne tool is well-made and simple to use. Thanks to a threaded rear stopper that secures the chain against its otherwise tiny cradle, it fits every speed chain snugly. Even the most tenacious pins can be pushed out with lots of leverage.

No good… We found it a bit fiddly getting the chain aligned on the small cradle when trying to drive in a new chain pin and ended up bending the driving pin. Fortunately, the Classic comes with a spare stowed inside its handle. It’s the heaviest on test, at 299g.

Chain Tool for Pedro’s Apprentice

Pedro’s Apprentice Chain Tool

Pedro’s Chain Tool is a tool used by Pedro’s apprentice. Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… This is one of the most basic designs on the test, yet it performs well across all speed chains. When driving out and inserting chain pins, its deep cradle secures the chains. It offers a lot of comfort and ease of usage, and despite its small weight, it has a lot of leverage (213g).

This isn’t good… The Pedro’s tool is costly for what you receive since it lacks additional functionality. Although the cradle and/or pin may be replaced if necessary, this comes at an extra expense. Wider chains may be a tight fit since the cradle is fastened in place.

CT-3.2 Chain Tool from Park Tool

Park Tool CT-3.2 Chain Tool

CT 3.2 Chain Tool by Park Tool. Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… This tool will readily accommodate any speed chains thanks to its movable chain shelf. The chain is kept tight enough in the mid-size cradle allowing the driving pin and chain pin to line up properly. It provides enough length and leverage to remove stubborn pins, and it seems solid and well-made.

This isn’t good… At 273g, it’s rather hefty for its size, and there aren’t any extras like a stiff-link cradle. It also doesn’t have the most comfortable handle on test. While the driving pin may be replaced, the tool does not come with any replacements.

Also put to the test

Fabric Chain Splitter Compact

Fabric Compact Chain Splitter

Fabric Chain Splitter in a Compact Size. Immediate Publication

It’s fantastic… The Fabric Compact Chain Splitter is by far the smallest, lightest (116g), and cheapest on the test, and it fits easily in your pocket. The medium-depth cradle ensures that the driving pin aligns with the chain pin and that it is suitable with all speed chains. It comes with a stiff-link cradle that works nicely.

This isn’t good… Because it is the tiniest, it has the least leverage and takes the greatest effort to break a link, making it difficult to remove tenacious pins. The driving pin isn’t removable, and the permanent cradle isn’t the most secure. [Editor’s note: this tool now features a replacement pin in the newest version.]

Today’s bikes have a very strong drivetrain in order to get the power out to the wheel, but with that powerful drivetrain, it’s very easy to break a chain. Using a chain breaker is crucial so that you can keep your bike in working order. However, there are a lot of chain breakers on the market that are not very good at all, and you don’t want to waste money on a tool that isn’t going to work properly.. Read more about lezyne chain tool and let us know what you think.

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