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The best aluminium road bikes 2023: top-rated alloy bikes reviewed

There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to road bikes, with many different types, brands and prices. There are also plenty of different choices of alloy bike for those on a budget. Here we look at the best alloy bikes for any budget in the next few years.

Choosing the best alloy road bike is a far more complicated process than choosing the best aluminium road bike, so we’ve got you covered.

As the bike industry moves ever faster, new models are being released every few weeks. Many of these new bikes have similar characteristics, but any differences are usually quite subtle, and the main purpose of this list is to highlight the differences between the bikes, and how they differ. This list will be updated in the future to include any new road bikes released in the coming years.. Read more about best aluminium road bike 2023 and let us know what you think.

Aluminium is still a fantastic material for bicycle frames. Aluminium frames are virtually universal at the beginning level of the road bike industry. That’s because, in general, aluminum frames combine a desired degree of rigidity with a low total weight and low manufacturing costs.

Bikes like the RC120 Triban and the Claris Vitus Razor show that a good road bike can be acquired for less than £500. Spend a bit more, and you’ll find that mid-range bikes and the use of aluminum fades in favor of cheaper carbon fiber bikes. However, aluminum bikes at this price point typically provide greater value and, in some cases, a better ride.

Fans of the pro peloton may have seen alloy come and go as the preferred material for the world’s fastest cyclists, but that doesn’t mean alloy frames have reached a point of stagnation in terms of advancement.

Spend well over $4,000 and you can get your hands on Cannondale’s CAAD13, a showpiece for the newest aluminum frame technology that can compete with all but the finest carbon-fibre road bikes.

A bike must have received at least 4 out of 5 stars in our testing to be featured on this list.

The finest aluminum road bikes, ranked from best to worst.

  • RC120 Triban: £399.99 / €450
  • £4,800 (about $5,750) CAAD13 Force eTap AXS by Cannondale
  • £1,599 Canyon Endurance AL 7.0 Disc
  • £1,199 for the Canyon Endurance AL 7.0
  • £1,149 for the Giant Contend SL1
  • €1,599 for the 105 Rose Pro SL Disc
  • Allez specialized: £725 / $900 / €86
  • £1,199 / $1,400 / €1,399 Allez specialized Elite
  • £429.99 / €500 RC120 Triban Disc
  • RC520 Triban Disc: £799.99 / €850
  • £500 for a SLR 8.6 Boardman
  • £1,850 for the 4S Kinesis Disc
  • £1,500 for R1 Kinesis.
  • £1,999 / $2,200 / €2,499 Allez Sprint Comp Disc by Specialized
  • £599.99 for the Triban RC 500 Disc
  • £549.99 Vitus Razor Claris

Triban RC120

Best aluminium road bikes

When it comes to entry-level road bikes, the RC120 is currently our top pick. Immediate Media / Jack Luke

  • £399.99 / €450 (£349.99 at the time of testing)
  • This is our go-to entry-level road bike.
  • As a quick commuter, it’s up to the task.

Despite being the cheapest bike on the list, it is well worthy of its five-star rating. Because of its well-thought-out equipment and excellent ride, the RC120 should be the go-to bike for roadies on a tight budget.

Whether you need a partner for long days out or an urban commuter that can accommodate a rack and mudguards, the RC120 is up to the task.

Cannondale CAAD13 Force eTap AXS

Best aluminium road bikes

The CAAD13 is an excellent example of the capabilities of high-end aluminum frames. Immediate Media / Robert Smith

  • £4,800 / $5,750
  • Handling is amazing.
  • Metal frames at their peak

Look no farther than the CAAD13 if you want to experience the peak of performance when it comes to aluminum frames. This bike can equal the performance of the finest carbon bikes thanks to its outstanding handling and smooth ride quality. 

Only the most fortunate riders will be able to get their hands on the pricey eTap AXS model we rode at the end of last year, but the CAAD13 frame is far less expensive, with builds beginning with Shimano’s 105 groupset.

Endurance AL Disc Canyon

Best aluminium road bikes

This bike finds a great sweet spot in terms of pricing for people who want disc brakes on their Endurance. Canyon

  • £1,599 (£1,649 as tested) for the latest 7.0 model with Shimano 105.
  • Excellent specs
  • All-weather braking power

If you’re looking for an endurance road bike, you’re probably already familiar with Canyon’s excellent Endurace line, and this specific alloy model with disc brakes finds a great value sweet spot.

The full Shimano disc groupset, tubeless-ready wheels, and well-organized own-brand finishing kit make for an impressive spec sheet, but it’s the bike’s composed comfort and ride quality that really shine.

The 8.0 model we tested with Ultegra is no longer available, but the £1,599 AL 7.0 variant with 105 is almost as excellent and costs somewhat less.

AL 7.0 Canyon Endurance

The best aluminium road bikes

The Canyon Endurance AL 7.0 is a low-key performer. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £1,199 (£999 at the time of testing)
  • A specification document that is unrivaled in the industry.
  • A frame that is both efficient and comfortable.

The second Endurance on our list is back because of its excellent value and riding qualities. It’s light (at 8.4kg for a medium) and has the best spec sheet in its class, but recent price hikes mean it’s no longer as cheap as it once was.

Shimano’s excellent R7000 105 groupset and Fulcrum wheels (a change from last year’s Mavics) with premium Continental tyres are among the standout components.

We had to dig fairly deep to find anything negative to say about this model, but it’s not for everyone. 

SL 1 Giant Contend

The best aluminium road bikes

The Giant Contend SL 1 is a great bike for all-day riding and commuting. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £1,149 (£1,000 in this case)
  • Frameset of excellent quality that is both comfortable and well-handled.
  • Tubeless-ready tyres with a width of 28mm.

During testing, the Giant Contend SL1 wowed us, barely missing out on a perfect score.

The 2023 model doesn’t have as low a gearing as the 2019 model, but it’s still a fantastic option for all-day comfort and maneuverability.

This bike is also great for commuting thanks to the front and rear mudguard attachments and rack compatibility.

Rose Pro SL Disc 105

The best aluminium road bikes

The redesigned Pro SL Disc has all of the same appealing features as its predecessor. Immediate Media / Matthew Loveridge

  • 1 599 Euros (no longer available in UK)
  • One of our favorite all-rounders has been updated.
  • Beautiful frameset with a fantastic price-to-performance ratio.

Rose’s budget-friendly alloy all-rounder was updated in 2023, with integrated wiring and frame and fork changes, including a very neat new seat clamp.

With a very good Shimano 105 spec and a genuinely pleasant riding quality, it remains a great option, even if costs have gone up somewhat.

Rose has temporarily pulled out of the UK market, however the bike is still available everywhere in the globe (you lucky people!).

Specialized Allez

Best aluminium road bikes

  • £725 / $900 / €869 (as tested: £630 / $840 / €799)
  • Surprisingly attractive
  • Mounts for a rack and mudguards

The Allez, which has been around for a long time, is still a great way to get started with road bikes because of its high performance, stylish aesthetics, and low price.

Its newly updated shape makes it an excellent training and fitness tool, as well as being suitable for sportives and longer rides.

Accessorizing the Allez is simple thanks to rear rack mounts and tidy mudguard attachments. 

Allez Elite is a specialized Allez.

The best aluminium road bikes

Our winner of the £1,000 bike for Bike of the Year 2023 was Specialized’s Allez Elite road bike. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £1,199 / $1,400 / €1,399 (as tested: £1,050 / $1,350 / €1,299
  • An outstanding all-around performer
  • Practical and adaptable

The Allez remains a fantastic option for riders willing to pay much more than the entry-level versions, as this superb Elite spec bike demonstrates.

Direct-sale models from Canyon and Rose still offer superior overall value, but the Specialized comes with the added benefit of a real store to help you through the process.

It has a nice appearance, decent performance, and a lot of flexibility.

Triban RC120 Disc

Best aluminium road bikes

The RC120 Disc is a pleasant, long-distance endurance ride that is enjoyable mile after mile. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £429.99 / €500 (£400 at the time of testing)
  • It’s ideal for extended rides.
  • It’s a little on the heavy side.

It would have been impossible to imagine a bicycle as well equipped as this Triban being offered at such a low price only five years ago. The alloy frame’s design favors endurance, making it an excellent option for extended rides.

Highlights of the specification include a carbon fork, tubeless-ready wheels with 28mm tyres, and mechanical disc brakes — it’s excellent value for money. The Microshift gears are also nothing to be concerned about; we were pleasantly pleased by them. Weight is a tradeoff, with a size medium weighing a hefty 11.3kg as an example. 

RC520 Triban Disc

The best aluminium road bikes

The Triban RC520 Disc is an incredible value for money endurance bike. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £799.99 / €850 (£750 at the time of testing)
  • Extremely well-equipped
  • For individuals who would rather have comfort than speed.

With its carbon fork, mainly Shimano 105 gear, and TRP’s mechanically-actuated hydraulic disc brakes, the RC520 disc astonishes in terms of value.

The geometry is considerably more relaxed than that of Specialized’s Allez, so this isn’t a racer, but it’s a great option for commuting, training, or even touring.

The default 28mm rubber provides a smooth ride, but there’s space for up to 36mm tyres, and the stock rims are tubeless-ready if you want to expand your dirt skills.

Boardman SLR 8.6

The best aluminium road bikes

The 2023 8.6 is actually less expensive than the previous model. Boardman

  • £500 (£550 at the time of testing)
  • Wheels that may be used without tubes
  • There’s plenty of room for relaxation.

Due to its wonderful all-around ride and overall practicality, we consider Boardman’s SLR 8.6 to be one of the finest budget road bikes available.

The tubeless-ready wheelset is a noteworthy spec highlight and something that is still uncommon at this pricing range. However, since the gearing is higher than some of its rivals, you may find yourself out of the saddle on the hills sooner.   

This bike’s frame is excellent enough to warrant substantial component changes, making it a bike that can grow with you. For 2023, it has gotten some minor upgrades and a new paintjob, as well as a price reduction.

Kinesis 4S Disc

Best aluminium road bikes

The Kinesis 4S Disc is about as adaptable as road bikes get. Smith, Robert

  • £1,850
  • A bicycle for every event
  • Extremely adaptable

The 4S Disc from Kinesis does a great job of being a bike for all occasions, so if you’re willing to snub the n+1 phenomenon then this could be the buy for you. Available in road and gravel build options, the road-going version we tested goes without the flared handlebars and wider tyres of its sibling.

Regardless, the 4S Disc is a lot of fun and extremely flexible, and we know it can be used for all-year commuting, training, touring, and bikepacking. If you don’t want to go full-on pink, there’s also a more subtle blue option.

Kinesis R1

The best aluminium road bikes

The Kinesis R1 is an excellent example of simplicity done well. Immediate Media / David Caudery

  • £1,500
  • A versatile road bike with a 1 drivetrain.
  • Optional mudguards and SRAM Apex drivetrain

Although 1 drivetrains haven’t taken off on the road, their simplicity makes them attractive for a utilitarian, all-weather bike.

The R1 is built with SRAM Apex components and is designed with one in mind. The gear range is not lacking, thanks to an 11-42 cassette.

The R1 is a fun and engaging ride that’s ideal for putting in winter miles, especially if you upgrade to full mudguards.

Specialized Allez Sprint Comp Disc

Best aluminium road bikes

The Allez Sprint Comp Disc is unrivaled in terms of handling and speed potential. Courtesy

  • £1,999 / $2,200 / €2,499 (as tested: £1,900 / €2,299 / $2,200)
  • Exceptional responsiveness from a stiff frame
  • Upgrades are due.

The Allez Comp Disc is Specialized’s most sophisticated alloy chassis, renowned for its efficient power transmission and responsive riding. It’s a great pleasure for criterium racers and riders who want to save as many watts as possible. It’s also a beautiful bike to look at.

This bike, according to Specialized, is not only the stiffest it’s ever built, but also the stiffest alloy bike it’s ever tested from any manufacturer.

Because of the stiffness, this bike isn’t ideal for all-day rides, and the bike’s overall performance is hampered by the standard-fit and heavy DT Swiss wheelset.

RC500 Triban Disc

Best aluminium road bikes

Decathlon’s Triban RC 500 Disc is an excellent option for people looking for disc brakes on a tight budget. Courtesy

  • £599.99 (about £530 when tested)
  • All-weather stopping assurance
  • Speculate generously ced

The RC 500 Disc is one of the finest disc-brake road bikes we’ve tested around £600. At this budget, the RC 500 is naturally heavier than a rim-brake bike, but the Shimano Sora transmission components it utilizes are still found on bikes costing much more.

It offers a fun, relaxing, and comforting ride that’s perfect for commuting or general road riding.

Vitus Razor Claris

Best aluminium road bikes

The Vitus is a true ‘proper’ bike, having a frame that resembles the Sora Disc. Immediate Media / Dave Caudery

  • £549.99 (£500 at the time of testing)
  • 28mm tyres are quite comfortable.
  • Geometry that has been proven

The Razor Claris is a top-value first road bike or year-round training tool from Chain Reaction Cycles’ own brand Vitus. At this pricing range, simplicity is essential, and Vitus didn’t deviate from what it knows works.

The Razor’s alloy frame takes its dialed geometry from the Vitus line-more up’s costly bikes, and its 28mm tyres provide plenty of comfort.

Mudguards, but not racks, are compatible with the frame and carbon fork. It’s heavy, as are most bikes at this price point, but that’s to be expected.

Common misunderstandings about aluminum/alloy bicycles

Is it better to use aluminum or an alloy?

The term “alloy” may be deceptive when referring to an aluminum alloy bike frame; after all, alloy metals are used to make steel, titanium, and aluminum frame bikes. Despite this, a bike with an aluminum frame is still referred to as an alloy bike.

The extreme stiffness of aluminum bicycles

One frequent misunderstanding about aluminum alloy frames is that they have an overly rigid riding character.

True, some early aluminum frames were very rigid, but those days of experimenting are long gone.

In reality, a frame’s stiffness is determined by a number of factors other than the material it is composed of, including size, tube shapes, and material quality.

The market for road bikes has become incredibly competitive and there’s a lot of choice out there. And if you’re a rider that wants a lightweight, durable bike that’s going to give you a long-lasting performance then you need to look at alloy bike. No longer are alloy bikes considered inferior to their carbon counterparts, as newer models are now taking the best features of both materials and using them to make the best of both worlds.. Read more about alloy vs aluminum bike frame and let us know what you think.

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Aluminum is a type of metal that is typically used in the construction of bikes. It is not as strong as steel, but it does have some advantages over steel. For example, aluminum can be easily manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. Steel on the other hand cannot be manipulated into these shapes or sizes without extensive machining and welding.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the lightest aluminum bike frame?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The lightest aluminum bike frame is the Kona Honzo.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best aluminum road bike?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Are aluminum road bikes any good?

Aluminum is a type of metal that is typically used in the construction of bikes. It is not as strong as steel, but it does have some advantages over steel. For example, aluminum can be easily manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. Steel on the other hand cannot be manipulated into these shapes or sizes without extensive machining and welding.

What is the lightest aluminum bike frame?

The lightest aluminum bike frame is the Kona Honzo.

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