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Can You Put an Electric Motor on a Regular Bicycle?

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Recently, the idea of having an electric device that can be used for traveling and is compact has become more and more popular. Since the problem of pollution is already present all over the world and since everyone already needs changes of this type, cars are an expensive solution, so everyone is turning to an electric scooter or even better – to an electric bicycle. Everyone wants a hybrid bike, and they want it now. However, these bikes come as the most popular option, so some people try to find the most cost-effective model to buy or work on making their own. If only you had a way to add some extra power when you needed it without breaking the bank.

Electric bicycles aren’t new – they’ve been around for decades. They’re typically battery-powered, often using lithium-ion batteries, and come equipped with either front or rear hub motors. Most models also include speed controllers, lights, and other safety features. These days, they’re extremely popular in Europe, where regulations governing them are relatively lax compared to the US. They’re especially useful for commuting and fitness because they allow riders to get their daily exercise without having to purchase a separate stationary cycle. However, it is a solution that is practical and brings with it many advantages, but there is one dilemma that bothers those who would invest in such a bike, and that is whether you can put an electric motor on a regular bicycle or not. There is an answer to this question, and the answer is that it is necessary to install a specialized solution, that is, a specialized engine for such devices.

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You can build an e-bike from scratch using parts, but you can also buy a ready-made product from a store. The cost of materials ranges from $100-$300 depending on the size and complexity of your project. There are several ways you can go about building your electric vehicle. You can create a kit from scratch or simply buy prebuilt units from eBay or Amazon. In addition to the basic e-bike kits, e-bike companies offer complete packages that include frames, saddles, and integrated lighting. You can also buy a ready-made product, but the dilemma is not about them, but about upgrading to a bike with a motor. You need to put in a specialized electric bike conversion kit, but not any other part. And why is that not possible? Find out more in the sequel where we tell you the reasons.

1. Electric motors aren’t designed to spin at high speeds. Most electric bikes have a top speed between 20-30mph (32-48km/h) whereas bicycles can reach speeds of 50+mph (81-128km/h). You would instantly burn out an electric motor if you tried to power a bike at these speeds. This requires a special solution that will give your bike the desired opportunity to be able to ride it with the engine, but also without it, for which there are special kits that are added to the bike.

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2. Bikes weigh less and motors weigh much more which means you can’t put any motor on your bike to make it an electric bike. You need to choose a solution that will be less difficult, and which at the same time will give you the functionality you are looking for. That is why it is important to be in coordination with a person who understands these things and who follows the technology to give you a concrete proposal that will be practical and useful for you at the same time.

3. The bicycle assembly itself is not made to withstand such conditions and function in such circumstances. It is necessary to assemble a new bike from scratch and pay attention to the parts that will make it up so that you can add an electric kit that will make the bike electric. Standard bikes are only made to be ridden regularly, not to add an electric motor to them.

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4. The electric motor requires maintenance even if it is on a bicycle. Electric bikes require routine maintenance to keep them running properly. Bike chains need oiling and adjustment, brakes, tires, tubes, etc. If not maintained, they may wear out prematurely and malfunction. This means that still putting together a new bike that you will use is much better than fitting an electric kit to an existing bike. Why? Because you will know what you have assembled it from, you will inspect it and know when maintenance and repairs are needed.

5. It is unsafe to add an electric-only motor kit to an existing bike. However, it is necessary to test everything and establish whether it is okay to use the bike as such. However, you also need to look after your safety, which is very important. If we have to talk about a safer option, definitely having a newly purchased electric bike or assembling a new one with exactly the necessary parts is a much better option that will not put you or your health at risk.

6. Battery technology isn’t perfect yet. Even though batteries get smaller, battery tech still hasn’t advanced enough to provide continuous long-distance rides. There is no way to make a battery big enough to last 24 hours let alone years. Also, batteries degrade over time and lose efficiency. When using an electric vehicle for commuting purposes, expect to recharge or replace your battery about once a week. But of course, each of the batteries has different characteristics, so not all of them are good for an ordinary bicycle. Therefore, it is better to assemble a new one or buy one, but with the right necessary parts.

At the end of the day, you still need to know that it is important to use real parts and start building an electric bike from scratch, not to add parts to an existing one. This will give you a product that will be as safe as possible and you will be able to use it without your safety being called into question. Use correct and genuine parts, but also don’t add any kind of parts to your bike.