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How Alé can create your perfect custom kit

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the cycling industry. But what if you’re a casual cyclist, not convinced you really need to spend thousands of pounds on a bike? That’s where Alé comes in. Instead of sourcing bikes that fit a predetermined set of standards, Alé customises the bike to fit your individual needs. And at £500, they’re cheap enough to fit into most budgets.

Alé Biker is a program that allows you to create the perfect custom bike. The customization of the bike is carried out by Alé, a computer program, which takes into account your height, weight, and the actual bike you would like to have. Your bicycle will be custom made according to your measurements. This is made possible by the fact that Alé has access to the database of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the largest police force in the world, in which all the equipment and bicycles used by the Canadian Forces are recorded, thus being able to manufacture a bike according to your request.

After a long break from building custom bikes, I’m back in business with some unique custom bike building ideas. I’m excited to be experimenting with a new platform to showcase these bikes—the Alé bike builder. This bike builder is easy to use and I hope you enjoy the results.

You’ll want to display your colors if you’re a member of a cycling club or team, but personalized apparel shouldn’t come at the cost of the quality you expect from the rest of your riding gear.

Alé is one of the brands that offers personalized cycling gear. For years, the Italian company has designed and manufactured uniforms for top-level men’s and women’s professional teams, and it can apply that knowledge to your bespoke designs.

Custom designs are available for a variety of apparel, including Alé’s pro-level PR-S and PR-R collections, as well as the mid-range Prime brand. There are choices for cold and rainy weather, as well as a complete variety of accessories and baselayers, so it’s not just summer shirts.

Creating your ideal bespoke kit has never been easier, with gear to fit a broad variety of budgets and riding types accessible, as well as flexible purchasing conditions and the opportunity to collaborate with the brand’s UK distributor, Pailgap, to personalize your design.

What’s the point of a bespoke kit?

Cams Basso team kit

Custom outfit can give your club or riding group a pro appearance. Paligap

Clothing in club or team colors may give a ride a professional appearance. It’s also essential if you’re riding or racing as a team, so you can easily identify your teammates, and it helps fans notice you in a crowd of cyclists and know when to cheer you on.

Even if you’re just out for a casual group ride or club run, personalized gear may help raise your club’s image and identity, attracting new riders. Part of the pleasure of cycling is being a member of a club or regular riding group, and having your own personalized gear just adds to that.

Alé’s bespoke apparel is also popular among sportive organizers, such as St Peter’s Hospice, which is hosting the Tour de Bristol sportive in June, and bike stores looking to sell their own branded gear.

It’s all about Alé.

The Alé clothing brand was established in Verona, Italy, in 2013, but its origins date back to 1986, when its parent business, APG, started producing kit for the major bike apparel companies of the time.

Many pro teams have used APG-made gear throughout the years, and its jerseys have been worn by many race leaders.

Alé was created to provide that experience to a broader audience of riders. It’s renowned for its unique colorful and bold looks, but it also makes use of the company’s current design and production skills to provide gear for a broad variety of budgets and riders.

However, Alé continues to sponsor the Alé BTC Ljubljana women’s WorldTour team, as well as outfitting Movistar and Groupama-FDJ in the men’s WorldTour.

The company has recently added Team Bahrain Victorious to its list of professional teams for which it provides equipment, as well as sponsoring the annual Granfondo Alé La Merckx in Verona.

Alé has its own research laboratories where it tests novel materials and designs on the road and in the wind tunnel. Green is a new line from the business that is made up of 92 percent recycled textiles.

Custom gear is also available for triathlon, mountain biking, jogging, and kids, so it’s not only for roadies.

What kind of bespoke kit does Alé provide?

Alé PRS clothing

The PRS series from Alé comprises the brand’s top-of-the-line gear. .. Alé

Alé PRR bib shorts

At a more reasonable price, the PRR mid-range kit attempts to combine high-quality materials with a precise fit. Ale ́

Alé PRR bib shorts – fabric

Professionals also utilize the PRR range. Ale ́

The PR-S line, intended for hot days and quick riding with a tight fit, lightweight materials, aero features, and tidy details like hemless sleeve grippers, is the first of Alé’s bespoke kit ranges.

Many of these characteristics are carried over to the second-tier PR-R line (also used by professionals) and the mid-range Prime line, which has a somewhat more relaxed cut.

Alé also offers a Vintage collection, which includes a traditional shape and Merino-blend jerseys.

Cycling shorts are the foundation of a pleasant riding experience, and Alé provides a variety of customizable men’s and women’s bib shorts and waist shorts, all with hand-sewn pads.

Movistar rider on the front of the peloton

The Movistar men’s WorldTour squad is kitted out by Alé. Getty Images/ Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

You may choose your seat pad from Alé’s chamois line-up for all of the shorts in the bespoke program.

They’re made in-house and come in a variety of configurations to fit your riding style and the length of time you spend in the saddle. That offers you a lot of options for shorts and pads combinations to meet your requirements.

The 8HF is Alé’s top-tier pad, with a high-density memory foam core positioned under the sit bones. It features a central relief channel with a soft, antibacterial surface and is perforated for ventilation.

Ale 4 HF chamois pad

Alé’s most popular chamois pad is the 4HF.

Following that, Alé’s most popular pad is the 4HF, with the 2HF pad also available.

All of the pads are available in men’s and women’s sizes, and there are also bespoke triathlon kit pads in adult and children’s sizes with minimal water absorption.

Alé can customize their skinsuits for time trial cyclists, combining aero fit and breathable materials for a quick, comfortable ride, in addition to the traditional road cyclist’s jersey and shorts combo.

Winter should not be overlooked.

Cams Basso team

Alé also has a complete line of bespoke winter gear. Paligap

When the summer weather starts to fade, Alé’s bespoke offering continues, allowing you to fly your club colors far into the winter.

Alé’s autumn/winter collection includes everything from a windproof short-sleeve jersey with brushed inner face to gilets and full-on waterproof winter coats, all manufactured with Polartec technical materials.

Alé may also customize its fleeced winter bib shorts, lower weight tights, and bib knickers, with windproof, water-repellent bib tights rated down to -2°C.

How does it work?

Cams Basso team kit 3D render

Paligap, Alé’s UK distributor, will create a 3D rendering of your design before you place an order. Paligap

Although you may download a template and buy straight from Alé, Paligap, the UK distributor, has an in-house designer who can work with your club’s templates or directly with you to fine-tune your design.

They may come to you and give you samples so you can evaluate size, fit, and quality, and you’ll receive a 3D rendering of your kit design before you buy.

When it comes to ordering, Paligap claims there is a lot of leeway. Many clients may choose entire outfits from the PR-R collection, while others will mix and match, selecting tops and bottoms from other collections, or offering their club riders the option of wearing PR-R or Prime jerseys, for example.

Paligap requires a minimum order of 10 pieces, not all of which must be the same size. It will handle the scheduling and delivery procedure with Alé after you’ve signed the order form.

Alé will arrange the production of your bespoke kit, which takes 45 to 60 days on average.

Alé can tailor any accessories you may require, like socks, hats, and warmers, in addition to the core cycling apparel offering of shorts, jerseys, and other day-to-day equipment. However, there is a 100-piece minimum purchase for these.

Alé has been designing custom bicycles since our origins in 2004. Since then, we’ve built a reputation for our custom parts and components, our speed machines, and our race bikes. All of that has led us to where we are today, in the middle of the US professional cycling scene.. Read more about cycling custom and let us know what you think.

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