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6 of the best helmet lights

I have reviewed all the lights below and can confidently say that, other than the Tizio, all of these lights are very bright and have great battery life. It is really difficult to not to get a bad impression of a light when it is so small and has so few features but, other than the Tizio, each delivers a great ride and is worth considering.

When night comes, a backlight becomes a necessity on your bike. Not only that, but it also makes your ride safer. In this guide we will take a look at six of the best helmet lights, and help you consider which one to buy. We’ll look at the different levels of brightness they offer, as well as the controls and ease of use. We’ll even discuss some of the best helmets that don’t have lights, so whether you’re looking for something that can be used with your helmet, or something that’s a one-off purchase, you’ll find the right one for you.

Helmet lights have been around for a long time and most people have one, but some are more effective than others. Some are just cheap and dinky, while others offer a great lighting experience. We have put together the 6 best helmet lights on the market.  It’s not just about what you pay for, but what you get.. Read more about best bike helmet lights 2023 and let us know what you think.

With a helmet light installed, night riding can be more clearer and quicker, and we’ve put six to the test. Weight, flexibility, run-time, simplicity of menu usage, wattage, and beam pattern are all factors to consider when choosing a light for your lid.

Gloworm X2 Adventure is a sequel to Gloworm X.

Gloworm X2 Adventure

The X2 Adventure helmet light by Gloworm Kirkman, Mick

So good: This is extremely strong, even for a 1,700-lumen (claimed) light. Spare lenses are provided to construct a super-powerful double spot or a wide-spread double flood setup.

The power management is simple using the wireless remote, and the mode menus may be tweaked. On full conversation, the battery lasts an amazing hour and a half (or for £31 extra, get the four-cell battery for double the fun). The level of dependability is exceptional.

On our test, the default spot and wide lenses produced a somewhat distracting diagonal beam pattern, which was remedied by using the double spot setup. There is no UK shop/factory support since it is sold directly via a European warehouse.

Diablo SYNC Pack Exposure

Exposure Diablo SYNC Pack

Mick Kirkman’s Diablo SYNC Pack for Exposure

It’s fantastic: The self-contained device from Exposure claims to produce 1,750 lumens in a well-judged beam that has a large range yet isn’t too narrow. You may customize the power levels and menu using the SYNC app. The through-vent mount works well.

For an additional £40, you can purchase a plug-in battery that extends the maximum power run time to an hour and 40 minutes. The button is simple to locate and changes color to indicate battery charge. Exposure is renowned for its high-quality, UK-made construction and HQ-direct backup.

It’s not good: Although the regular Diablo with preset menus and adjustable ‘tap anywhere’ mode switching costs £215 / $295 / AUS$385, the Diablo with preset menus and tunable ‘tap anywhere’ mode switching costs £215 / $295 / AUS$385.

Scope BBB 800

BBB Scope 800

Scope 800 is a lid light by BBB. Kirkman, Mick

So far, so good: The twin-LED Scope’s stated 800-lumen brightness is aided by a well concentrated beam. At full power, it lasts two hours and charges fast.

On hot evenings, the ribbed shape ensures less fading due to heat build-up. You may adjust the power to the trail and riding duration using four equally spaced settings. The cable connections are well-sealed, and the long-term set’s dependability has been faultless.

It’s not good: The 126g weight of the head unit is comparable to that of self-contained sets. The coverage on the periphery is minimal. When the beam is already beginning to fade, the battery level indicator illuminates. Low-hanging branches may be snagged by its tall mount.

Hope R2

Hope R2+

Hope’s light is R2+. Kirkman, Mick

So far, the R2’s concentrated twin-LED beam seems brighter than Hope’s 1,000-lumen output, which was tested (not just stated). It may still be used in low-power settings, extending the one-hour battery life.

In the woods, the soft color tone minimizes glare and enhances detail perception. Hope’s quality, dependability, and product support are renowned.

It’s too hefty because of all the CNC-machined metal. Unless you connect it to the front of your helmet, where the heavy 144g head-unit weight is more apparent, the tall mount may snag branches.

Neo Lupine 4

Lupine Neo 4

Light from Lupine’s Neo 4 helmet Kirkman, Mick

  • €189 — pricing is only provided in Euros / Shipping charges may be found on the website.

So good: On your lid, its 58g head unit and its 120g battery are hardly visible. With a stated brightness of 900 lumens, distance penetration is excellent. The build quality is exceptional, implying a high level of dependability. The maximum run duration for the exam is two hours and 25 minutes.

It’s not good: The cost of electricity is exorbitant. In the default configuration, there are just two modes. Its halo effect, which consists of a strongly concentrated center beam and a softer/dimmer outside ring, may be annoying. The pop-fit silicone diffuser significantly lowers brightness.

Macro Duo 700 by Lezyne

Lezyne Macro Duo 700

Macro Duo 700 by Lezyne Kirkman, Mick

So far, so good: Lezyne’s solution is light, and the ‘ball and socket on a strap’ attachment makes it simple to install — though not very sturdy — on most helmets. On the trip to the trails, the integrated rear LED and strobe/pulse settings enhance visibility. It’s also reasonably priced, with a full charge lasting an hour and 50 minutes.

It’s not good: Its output seems to be much less powerful than the advertised 700 lumens, with limited distance throw and perception. The rear light flashes in all settings, which may be annoying to following riders off-road. In heavy winter gloves, the stiff button is difficult to operate.

When riding at night, you don’t want to be left in the dark. But the lights on your helmet, while very handy, are less than the best of all possible solutions.. Read more about motorcycle helmet lights and let us know what you think.

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