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2023 Cube Bikes range explained | Road, mountain and gravel bikes

The Cube has always been a popular bike for commuters, but over the past few years several new models have launched that have really pushed the boundaries of design and technology. The Cube’s latest model, the 2023, has one of the most intriguing concepts yet, and offers a new way to ride your bike.

From affordable city commuters to the ultimate celebration of the great outdoors, Cube Bikes has something for every rider. As part of the Cube Bike family of brands, Cube is proud to announce two new bikes: the Hub 500 and the Hub 700. These models are built on a custom steel frame that has been developed specifically for our riders. They also have a wide variety of features to enhance the riding experience.

You guessed it. We’ve got a new range of bikes to bring you in the next few years.  The bikes aren’t going to be really that different from each other, but we’re going to see some new models in the road and mountain ranges.  Cube will be pushing the envelope with their new bikes, trying some radical ideas and seeing what works.  In the road range, we’ll be bringing you bikes with disc brakes, and even some internally geared hubs. In the mountain range, we’re going to be bringing you a more race orientated range that will be leaning towards geometry like the Enduro bikes.  In the end, it’s going to be a new range that pushes the limits of what cube

Cube has revealed its 2023 lineup, which includes a handful of all-new bikes, including a carbon gravel bike, as well as a slew of changes to specifications and color schemes on current models.

The most significant addition will be the Nuroad dirt bike, which will be available in both carbon and aluminum versions. There are also new bikes in the women’s, e-MTB, urban, and children’s categories that are worth checking out.

We’ve done the legwork for you, so here are the highlights from Cube Bikes’ 2023 lineup.

Nuroad Cube

Cube Nuroad WS

Cube’s dirt bike, the Nuroad WS, is designed specifically for women. Cube

Cube’s dirt bike line-up now includes carbon as well as aluminum, with the company using its C:62 carbon fiber to produce a three-bike lineup.

The carbon fiber frame and fork are claimed to help with vibration dampening and comfort on the tough terrain they’re meant to handle.

A 111 Shimano GRX ‘Pro’ model (£1,999 / €2,099) and a 211 GRX Race model (£2,499 / €2,699) are among the three carbon fiber Nuroad bikes available, but the range-topping SL model, which we’ve described below, is our choice of the lot.

The alloy collection includes five unisex bikes with prices ranging from £999 / €1,099 to £1,599 / €1,799, as well as the £999 / €1,049 Nuroad WS (shown above).

Nuroad Cube C:62 SL

Cube Nuroad C:62 SL.

The components on this carbon Nuroad are a combination of road and mountain bike. Cube

The Nu:Road C:62 SL (£3,999 / €4,099) is the Nuroad’s flagship model, including the C:62 carbon fiber frame and fork, as well as a set of Newmen Advanced SL X.R.25 carbon wheels.

The SRAM Force eTap / XX1 Eagle AXS mullet groupset, which borrows from SRAM’s top-flight mountain bike groupset and offers a wide-ranging, wireless 112 drivetrain with a 10:50t cassette and matching mech at the rear, keeps the bling levels high.

This is a lightweight dirt bike with a racy edge that should be able to tackle whatever slope you point it up, weighing only just 7.8kg (claimed).

Road Cube SL

Cube SL Road

The SL Road line is designed for city cycling. Cube

For 2023, Cube’s urban collection has been upgraded, with the SL Road receiving a new aluminum frame.

The SL Road is a flat-bar hybrid bike intended for commuting or riding around town.

There’s a broad range of gears available, as well as commuting-friendly tyres and lots of accessory attachments for mudguards and baggage.

Cube SL Road Pro hybrid bike

Our favorite of the group is the SL Road Pro. Cube Bikes are a kind of bicycle that is made of of

The basic SL Road with 28 Shimano Claris gearing costs £699 / €849, while the SL Road SL (£1,499 / €1,599) comes with a Shimano Ultegra 211 drivetrain and aero rims to get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

The SL Road and SL Road Pro (details below) are the two most inexpensive bikes, with conventional and step-through frame choices.

SL Road Pro Cube

Cube SL Road Pro

This Pro version of the SL Road is ready to hit the streets at a reasonable price. Cube

The SL Road Pro (£899 / €999) is our favorite of the group.

It’s well within reach of UK cyclists thanks to the numerous Cycle to Work subsidised purchase programs, with enough money left over for a bike lock and lights.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano Tiagra 2×10 transmission and Tektro flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes to ensure that the stop-and-go gear can withstand lots of urban punishment.

C:68X SLT Cube Litening

Cube Litening C68X SLT

The Litening racing bike, according to Cube, combines aerodynamics and comfort. Cube

We couldn’t look at Cube’s lineup without becoming envious of the Litening C:68X SLT, which seems insanely speedy.

This bike was one of our Bike of the Year 2023 candidates, so you may be acquainted with it. Check out our Cube Litening C:68X SLT review for more information (the spec has been updated for 2023).

The frame is made of Cube’s high-modulus C:68X carbon, which contributes to the bike’s stated weight of 7.6kg. This isn’t quite as light as a pure climbing bike, but it is an aero bike with deep tubes.

Cube Litening C68X SLT road bike

SRAM’s flagship Red AXS wireless groupset is included in the Litening C:68X SLT. Cube Bikes are a kind of bicycle that is made of of

Despite the bike’s aero tube designs intended to help it move quickly, Cube claims it’s also capable of day-long journeys.

The bike is powered by SRAM’s flagship Red AXS wireless groupset and halted by matching Red disc brakes, with DT Swiss’s new 62mm deep ARC 1100 Dicut carbon wheels complementing the aero tube profiles.

At £7,499 / €7,599, this race-ready aero bike is obviously not cheap, but when compared to similarly-specced bikes from other major manufacturers, it may be considered good value for money.

Reaction of a Cube

Cube Reaction Pro

The new alloy Reaction Pro seems to be an excellent entry point into XC racing. Cube

For 2023, Cube has introduced two aluminum Reaction motorcycles to its hardtail lineup.

While the XC-focused Reaction Pro (£1,199 / €1,249) with its RockShox Judy Silver fork and Shimano XT drivetrain (certainly a fantastic foundation to upgrade from) piqued our interest, the Reaction TM piqued our interest even more.

Cube ReactionTM is a trademark of Cube Reaction, Inc.

Cube Reaction TM

The front of this Cube trail hardtail is supported by 130mm of suspension. Cube

The X-Fusion RC32 fork provides 130mm of travel on the Reaction TM, making it a rowdy-looking 29er.

The larger fork keeps the head angle loose, resulting in more confident downhill performance, and the stubby stem means you’ll have no excuses in the bends.

Cube Reaction TM mountain bike

The Reaction TM has a boisterous appearance. Cube Bikes are a kind of bicycle that is made of of

The bike is fitted with an SRAM SX Eagle 112 gear, which offers an 11-50t cassette spread. Magura MT30 brakes supply the rest of the stopping power, with a more powerful four-pot caliper up front and a lighter two-pot caliper in rear.

A dropper post and thick Maxxis tyres are also included with the Reaction TM.

160 SLT Cube Stereo Hybrid

Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 SLT

Cube’s most advanced e-MTB, including Fox suspension, wireless shifting, and strong brakes. Cube

Cube’s 160mm travel e-enduro bike may be more up your alley if you want electrical assistance off-road.

Cube collaborated with Bosch on their e-MTB lineup, and this bike has the fourth-generation Performance Line CX motor, as well as the Kiox or Nyon display unit.

The Nyon-equipped bikes are £200 / €200 more expensive than their Kiox-equipped siblings, but you get a more sophisticated display device on the bars with touchscreen and navigation features for that extra money.

The 160mm travel bikes include a complete carbon frame, including the rear triangle (which is new for 2023), as well as Fox front and rear suspension.

The new Fox 38 fork with 170mm of travel is up front, while the rear is controlled by a Float DPX2 shock, both in Factory spec.

SRAM provides the wireless X01 AXS drivetrain and Reverb dropper post, while Magura provides the MT7 brakes. A 625Wh battery powers Bosch’s Performance CX motor.

  • £7,799 / €8,699 Kiox
  • £7,999 / €8,899 Nyon

Cubie 120 Walk Actionteam Edition Cubie 120 Walk Actionteam Edition Cubie 120 Walk Actionteam Edition

Cubie 120 Walk

With this Cube Action Team-inspired balancing bike, your kids can get the MTB bug at a young age. Cube

This amazing balancing bike for younger kids, with a color scheme inspired by Cube’s Enduro racing squad, was too great to pass up.

Sharper edges have been eliminated from the Cubie 120 Walk’s (£149 / €179) frame and components to keep youngsters safe in the event of a fall, while the low standover height should boost confidence.

The tyres are air-filled, and the steering angle is restricted to avoid over-the-bar accidents if the steering becomes a bit too zealous.

When your child becomes weary, just take the bike by the grab hold beneath the saddle and go home.

Why are all the new bikes so expensive? Why do they cost so much? If the bike is good for daily commutes, why do they cost so much more for a few years of commute? The second question is the easier one to answer: it’s because the bicycle industry is not a normal industry in the way that other industries are.. Read more about cube bikes price list and let us know what you think.

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A road bike is a bicycle designed for use on paved roads. Gravel bikes are bicycles designed to be ridden on unpaved surfaces, such as dirt or gravel.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Do cubes make good road bikes?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
No, cubes are not good road bikes.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Cube a good gravel bike?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Cube is a good gravel bike.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a road bike and a gravel bike?

A road bike is a bicycle designed for use on paved roads. Gravel bikes are bicycles designed to be ridden on unpaved surfaces, such as dirt or gravel.

Do cubes make good road bikes?

No, cubes are not good road bikes.

Is Cube a good gravel bike?

Cube is a good gravel bike.

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