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Best Mountain Bike Jerseys 2023 | Stay Cool and Dry on the Bike

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Breathable fabrics are the way to go when riding your mountain bike. It’s better to have too much than too little when it comes to moisture wicking. A good base layer is going to feel soft and light against your skin and it should be breathable. All of the fabrics you find on top of base layers are your jacket, so you want to pick one that is going to feel like it’s wearing very little and just be a blanket that is riding up against your skin.

If you are looking for the best mountain bike jerseys 2023, then you are in the right place. Using the best mountain bike jerseys can help you to stay cool and dry while cycling. You can choose from different types of mountain bike jerseys and choose the best one for you. By wearing the best mountain bike jersey you can have a good time riding on your bike and enjoy your cycling in all weather conditions.

There are lots of things you can do to make your bike ride more comfortable, but choosing the right bike jersey is often overlooked. Some riders wear jerseys and shorts, others wear jerseys but no shorts, and yet others go for full body coverings. But, so long as you’re riding your bike, whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross bike or whatever, you always need to be wearing something to keep you dry and cool.. Read more about mountain bike jersey men’s and let us know what you think.

Choosing the finest mountain bike riding jersey is easy if you know what you’re doing.

However, if you choose a bike just because it’s blue or because it reminds you of an old T-shirt, you’re likely losing out on some techniques that might make you more comfortable on the bike.

Here’s how to choose the best riding jersey for you, as well as top-rated suggestions from our test team.

Look for these features in a mountain bike jersey.


Sweat-wicking textiles are well-known, but how quickly a cloth dries after wicking moisture away from your skin is also significant. When you start to cool off, anything that has been wet for too long can give you the chills.

Antibacterial treatments are also beneficial. Unfortunately, materials that are intended to carry perspiration well may develop odors with time. We’ve all been halfway through a ride when our armpits overtook us – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You may also wish to consider the material’s weight. Heavier materials provide greater protection, but they may also be hot in the summer. The lighter, more open mesh is lighter and cooler, but it is also less durable.

Some jerseys combine the advantages of multiple materials, such as a normal solid knit across the body with mesh inserts under the arms or down the sides, and more durable panels on the shoulders and sleeves to guard against pack rub.

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Seams and cut

Because shirts are more easily designed than shorts, the cut may not seem to be as essential. Designs with curved panels that follow the articulation of your arms and body, on the other hand, tend to feel correct straight away and are more comfortable on the bike.

To offer mobility and greater flexibility between sizes, more basic designs typically depend on flexible fabric and a baggier shape.

Get on a bike after you’ve decided that the fit is appropriate for you. Some jerseys feel awful at first, but once you’re in the saddle, they miraculously transform into the ideal shape and disappear.

Similarly, we’ve tried a couple that seem great in the mirror but fall short in the back, hang down in swaths in the front, or are just plain unpleasant once you start riding in them.

Finally, pay attention to the seams. Flatlock seams are your best option if you’re planning to carry a pack to prevent discomfort and chafing since there’s nothing to rub or dig into. Raglan sleeves are particularly advantageous since they are cut in one piece with the shoulder, eliminating seams at the pressure area.

Have you gotten all of that? You’re ready to go…

In 2023, the finest mountain bike shirts will be available.

  • £35 / $39 for a Jersey made entirely of Ridecamp materials.
  • £40 / $50 / AU$72 / €46 Nukeproof Blackline SS Jersey
  • £40 / $75 / AU$65 / €48 Marble LS Endura MT500 Jersey
  • Workshop on Missions MC: £120 / $139 / AU$225 / €140 The District
  • Flowline LS Jersey by Troy Lee Designs: £50 / $55 / AU$88 / €60

100% Ridecamp Jersey

The jersey’s whole mesh-like structure makes it seem extremely light and breezy to wear. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL are the sizes available.
  • 138g in weight (M)
  • Mesh fabric made entirely of polyester
  • Black, Fatigue, Slate Blue, Charcoal/Black, Stone/Brick, Terracotta/Black, Light Slate/Navy are some of the colors available.
  • £35 (about $39 USD)

The Ridecamp’s polyester mesh fabric is light and airy, and it’s one of the coolest jerseys we’ve worn here on hot, sunny days, even when exposed to direct sunshine.

It dealt nicely with perspiration accumulation, with a continuous flow of fresh air over our skin effectively removing excess moisture. It stayed lighter even after it was completely saturated than jerseys with a greater thread-per-inch count.

Despite the fact that the sleeves are fairly short, they did not climb our arms while cycling over rough terrain. However, during especially turbulent descents, we discovered that the jersey required to be readjusted on occasion.

We liked the integrated goggle wipe, and the basic, minimal, and extremely clean design should appeal to a wide range of individuals.

Short-Sleeve Jersey with Nukeproof Nukeproof Nukeproof Nukeproof Nukeproof Nukeproof Nukeproof Nuke

It has a great fit, a luxurious feel, and some cool features. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL are the sizes available.
  • 167g in weight (L)
  • S.Cafe polyester is 100 percent recycled in the main body of the fabric.
  • Mesh panels are made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent elastane, with an antibacterial treatment.
  • Blue/Flame, Khaki/Grey, and Black/Yellow are some of the colors available.
  • AU$72 / €46 / £40 / $50 / AU$72 / €46

The main body of the Blackline is made of 100% recycled S.Café polyester, which is made by combining old plastic bottles with discarded coffee grounds to benefit from the latter’s inherent moisture-wicking, odour-resistant, and UV-protective qualities. The fabric is soft and pleasant on the skin, but it is rather heavy as a result.

Despite feeling somewhat hotter than the other jerseys in the test, the mesh back panel and underarms kept the jersey from being soaked with perspiration.

The sleeves refused to leap up our arms over difficult terrain, remaining placed just above our elbows, and the fit covers many disciplines, from trail to downhill. A big zippered pocket on the back is a nice touch, although you can’t put anything in it without it drooping.

Endura MT500 Marble LS Jersey

The MT500 is a 100% polyester downhill/enduro jersey that, according to Endura, is intended to transport perspiration away from your body and keep you cool and dry. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL are the sizes available.
  • 176g in weight (M)
  • 100% polyester with perspiration wicking properties
  • Black and lime green are the colors used in this design.
  • Price: £40, $75, AU$65, and €48

The MT500 Marble stays true to Endura’s promise, with a cut that isn’t so baggy that it flaps about in the wind, but yet isn’t skin-huggingly tight. That makes it ideal for a variety of riding styles, from trail to downhill.

Although the dark color and velvety feel of the fabric make it seem heavy, the MT500 Marble is really extremely breathable and allows enough of air to flow through. Furthermore, it did not get unpleasant once soaked with perspiration, although it did take a long time to dry out and gained weight.

The marble-effect pattern may not be to everyone’s taste, and you may need to size up to fit body armour beneath, but it’s reasonably priced and available in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large.

Workshop on Missions MC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC

The shirt shown is a size medium that Alex found to be too small. Behr, Steve

  • S, M, L, XL are the sizes available.
  • 198g in weight (L)
  • Fabric: ultra-fine Merino wool, 18.9 micron 190g/sm, custom-made aluminum buttons, panelled shoulder structure, four-piece torso construction
  • £120 ($139) / AU$225 ($140) / €140

The District : MC’s fabric is light and breathable, with lots of flexibility, which aids movement on the bike. On hot days, undoing the three-button collar helped minimize heat buildup, while the jersey functioned as a baselayer on cooler days.

Merino wool wicks perspiration away effectively and dries fast. When it got wet, the jersey didn’t become too heavy either. It also looks fantastic off the bike and doesn’t have the “I’ve just been mountain biking” appearance that some other, more casual jerseys may have.

But, let’s face it, a jersey is too costly.

Flowline LS Jersey by Troy Lee Designs

The only distinguishing characteristics of the Flowline are its claimed fast drying and sweat wicking finishes, as well as a screen printed logo on the tail. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL are the sizes available.
  • 179g in weight (M)
  • TLD Dura Knit fabric is made of 100 percent polyester and is Bluesign certified. It has sweat-wicking and quick-drying properties.
  • Price: £50 / $55 / AU$88 / €60 Price: £50 / $55 / AU$88 / €60

With the Flowline LS’s cut, Troy Lee has found a nice balance between restricting mobility and being too baggy to flap about in the wind.

Despite being one of the heaviest jerseys on the list, the stretch in the fabric helps to enhance the breezy sensation, and the cloth feels silky and smooth against your skin. Even on long, hot days in the saddle, it proved to be very comfortable.

It also dries fast once wet, making the Flowline LS more comfortable and softer than many other jerseys. You may also be confident that it was made in an ethical and responsible manner according to the Bluesign accreditation.

It became a lot wetter and sweatier than the other jerseys here, plus it’s very expensive for the lack of features.

Take into account…

If you don’t like the appearance of our top-rated choices, the following jerseys are also worth considering.

Alps 6.0 SS Jersey by Alpinestars

Aplinestars says the Alps 6.0 jersey, which is made of a polyester and elastane blend, is durable and wicks sweat effectively. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL are the sizes available.
  • 152g in weight (M)
  • Fabric: 91% polyester, 9% elastane blend; quick-drying fabric with antibacterial treatment
  • Colors: Melange/Emerald/Blue/Celery, Melange/Light Gray/Blue/Orange, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Mid Gray/Red/Still Water, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark Gray/Black, Melange/Dark
  • £50 (about $60)

When you put on the Alps 6.0 jersey, which is made of a polyester and elastane blend, it feels smooth and delicious. It features a trail-oriented, close-fitting cut that wouldn’t look out of place on an enduro bike.

The elastic fabric adds to the fit by allowing it to move with your body. The mesh back panel and underarm portions offer good levels of cooling – we observed a significant difference in sweat saturation between the Alpinestars jersey and others here without mesh.

However, while riding over rough terrain, the sleeves had an irritating tendency of leaping up our arms – a personal peeve of ours. Thankfully, for an extra fiver, a long-sleeved version is available. You’ll need to size larger if you want to wear it as a DH top with armour beneath.

It’s a little expensive for a short-sleeve jersey at £50 / $60.

Trigger Ventura Jersey by Race Face

The shape of the jersey is very straight, with little to no tapering at the waist, yet it’s not baggy. Immediate Media/Alex Evans

  • S, M, L, XL, XXL are the sizes available.
  • 140g in weight (M)
  • 100 percent polyester fabric
  • Charcoal and olive green are the colors used.
  • The cost is £43 / €51 / $61 / AU$78.

Despite its dark color, the Race Face jersey’s 100% polyester fabric felt smooth and light on our skin, even on scorching hot days in the saddle. It was also found to be very breathable.

The sleeves, too, pleased us, as they refused to ride up our arms, even while we were jiggling about over difficult terrain.

The cloth took a long time to dry after being soaked with perspiration, and its weight rose significantly. Unless you size up, the tight-fitting design won’t let you to wear body armour beneath, and we noticed that the back of the jersey required frequent readjusting on the trail, which was inconvenient.

Do you ride your bike in the summertime? But you hate wearing a long sleeved shirt and your t-shirt is soaked from sweat. What do you do? You probably want to buy a cycling jersey that is less sweaty, but you may not know where to look, or what to buy.. Read more about merino mtb jersey and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mountain bikers wear cycling jerseys?

Yes, mountain bikers wear cycling jerseys.

What is the coolest MTB brand?

I am not sure what you mean by MTB brand.

Do cycling jerseys keep you cool?

Cycling jerseys are designed to keep you cool and dry. They have an open weave design that allows air to flow through the jersey, which helps to keep you cool.

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