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Best Child Bike Seats

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When it comes to bike seats, there’s quite a bit of choice out there. I’ve been a keen cyclist for many years now, but my kids have only just recently started to cycle with me. I’m not sure what sort of children’s bike seats they’ll grow into, but here are some of the best ones I can think of.

You can’t really talk about child bike seats without talking about the “best” child bike seats. This question is always asked and the answer is usually given by the most popular brands. But is it really the best child bike seats? There are many factors to consider before choosing the best child bike seats for your child. These factors include the saddle shape, the upholstery material, how the child’s legs are folded, the seat width, the weight limit, and the cost.

How many times have you seen those images of children riding on their bikes with their feet dangling behind the seat? We’ve all seen it and it’s just not safe. Best Child Bike Seats: For all of us parents out there, the thought of our young ones being put in danger just by dangle their feet behind the bike seat is scary. What if the child fell off? What if their feet get caught in the bike’s chain or brake? This is just not a safe practice and is the reason why the “Harbor Freight child bike seat” is ideal for little ones.

Welcome aboard! Immediate Media has evaluated the finest kid bike seats.

  • Future Publishing gets five stars.
  • Four and a half out of five stars Publishing in the Future
  • Future Publishing gets four stars.
  • Three and a half out of five stars Publishing in the Future
  • Future Publishing gets three stars.
  • Future Publishing gets two stars.
  • Future Publishing Hamax Is Concerneds
  • Future Publishing with 10+ okbaby
  • Future Publishing of the Maxi Tour by Bobike
  • Future Publishing by Kiss of Hamax
  • Classic Future Publishing by Weeride
  • Future Publishing by Yepp Mini
  • Orion Future Publishing Okbaby

If you’ve just purchased a bicycle and want to ride it with your kid, you’ll need a decent child’s seat. BikeRadar has compiled a list of the finest and evaluated them.

Most bike seats can hold children between the ages of nine months and four years old, weighing up to 20 kg (44lb). The heavier the kid, the more difficult it is to control your bike!

Cantilevered from the seat tube, attached to a rear carrier rack, and fixed directly to the seat tube and seatstays are the three main configurations for rear seats. Front seats are often attached to the top tube by a bar or a bracket on the head tube.

The more you spend, the more solid the seat will be. Here are a few of the most popular options right now.

Hamax Cares


Future Publishing gets five stars.


The caress is well-made, but it is expensive. Publishing in the Future

“Comfortable, long-lasting, easy to set up, and use. It’s a little pricey, but it’s hard to find anything wrong with it.”

The Caress is Hamax’s top-of-the-line kid seat. We found it to be one of the most straightforward to set up and install on a bicycle. Unlike other rear seats, removing the mounting bar from the frame mount is simple and quick, making it simple to put the seat on and off.

You can simply change the angle of the backrest to recline it using a dial on the front of the seat – extremely useful if your passenger wants to nap. It’s also simple to adjust the height of the back and footrests. Although some parents found the strap release mechanism to be a bit tight and difficult to remove, the padded shoulder straps clicked solidly into the seat base and kept our rider securely in place. Reflective tape on the rear improves visibility, and a key secures the seat system to the frame for further security while unattended.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 4.8kg
  • Suitable for children aged 9 months and up
  • 22kg is the maximum weight for a kid.
  • Mounting Options: Frame or Rack

Okbaby 10+


Three and a half out of five stars Publishing in the Future


The okbaby is unprotected on the sides. : Future Publishing

“A robust and attractive kid seat, although not as well-protected on the sides as brands like Hamax.”

This Italian-made kid seat is comparable to the Hamax line of chairs in terms of size and installation. The seat and mounts are made of high-quality materials. The directions were straightforward and reasonable, and the assembly and installation took approximately 30 minutes. Although the side sections provide less protection than other manufacturers, our overall feelings of security and ride feel of the seat were good. Regardless of your child’s size, the adjustable footrests and reclining back provide a pleasant ride. The harness is simple to adjust and passed a two-and-a-half-year-tamper old’s test. When riding, the seat was comfortable, and varied road conditions had no effect on the trip. However, since the pedaling rider’s heels clipped them while in motion, we had to elevate the footrests higher than would have been optimal.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 3.7kg
  • Suitable for children aged 9 months and up
  • 22kg is the maximum weight for a kid.
  • Frame (mount)

Bobike Maxi Tour


Future Publishing gets two stars.

The bobike maxi tour is a tour that takes place on a bicycle. Publishing in the Future

“A well-equipped seat, but the unique harness fastening did not please us.”

This seat by Bobike, a Dutch company, has a few unusual characteristics. It features adjustable footrests and a built-in back LED light, as well as a headrest that bends around the child’s head for additional safety and support. We found it difficult to clip in and out of the three-point harness at the shoulder portion rather than the seat base if the passenger was wriggly. It’s also simple to believe you’ve linked everything properly just to discover it’s undone. We also experienced a problem with the frame-mounting bar, which required a lot of jiggling to install and remove. The seat, on the other hand, is quite simple to remove from the mounting bar. The seat and bar are secured to your frame by a padlocked cable.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 5.78kg
  • Suitable for children aged 9 months and up
  • 22kg is the maximum weight for a kid.
  • Mounting Options: Frame or Rack

Hamax Kiss


Three and a half out of five stars Publishing in the Future

Even though it isn’t as fully equipped as its more expensive stablemate, the Caress, Hamax’s Kiss is nonetheless a well-designed and affordable seat. A tall back support and double-wall side protection are included. Installing it, adjusting it to suit our passenger, and getting on the road took no time at all. The seat felt solid, safe, steady, and secure while on the road. The back and footrests, like the Caress, may be modified to suit your kid as they grow. Our only criticism about the seat is that the three-point harness clasp is difficult to remove with one hand, making the already tough job of holding both the bike and your dismounting passenger all the more arduous.

Future Publishing’s Hamax Kiss

  • 3.45kg for the seat and mount
  • Suitable for children aged 9 months and up
  • 22kg is the maximum weight for a kid.
  • Mounting Options: Frame or Rack

Classic WeeRide


Future Publishing gets three stars.


Weeride’s classic Publishing in the Future

“More front-mounted than central-mounted. A distinctive design with a lot of intriguing features.”

In the United Kingdom, the WeeRide is a popular front seat. Rather of connecting to the head tube like most other front-mounted seats, it clamps to your seatpost and head tube at both ends of a bar that goes down the top tube of your bike. The seat features a big cushioned front portion that gives your rider something to grab and rest on, which is especially helpful if they fall asleep. However, for tiny riders, it’s a little difficult to reach or rest on. The seat harness, although absolutely sufficient, isn’t as secure or adaptable as some of the other systems. The mounting bar adds unsightly metal to your bike, so it’s not for everyone.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 2.69kg
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months and up
  • 18kg is the maximum weight for a kid.

Yepp Mini


Future Publishing gets three stars.

Future Publishing’s yepp mini

“A well-made, lightweight seat that connects to the handlebar stem but provides less protection.”

The Yepp Mini is the only seat we tested that attaches to the stem of the handlebar. As a result, you’re less likely to be compelled to pedal bow-legged, as is the case with most forward-positioned seats. On the other hand, the seat rotates with the handlebar, which takes some getting used to. It may also be difficult to get your passenger off and on at first. The seat is composed of a rubber substance that absorbs minor shocks despite the lack of padding. You’ll need to utilize an adapter, which comes with the seat, if your bike has an Aheadset style stem rather than a quill stem. A key may be used to secure the seat to the stem mount.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 2.56kg
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months and up
  • 18kg is the maximum weight for a kid.

Orion, okbaby


Future Publishing gets four stars.

Future Publishing’s okbaby orion

“It’s light, wobble-free, and well-made, with a locking safety rail that protects the child.”

The Orion, like the Okbaby back seat, is robust and well-made. Because there are so many choices on the head tube, it took some trial and error to get the mount in the best position for both parent and kid comfort. Our young tester enjoyed a wobble-free ride thanks to the seat clamp’s secure attachment to the bike. He was secured in his seat with a three-point harness and a safety rail that wrapped around him.

The rail is a wonderful feature since it not only protects our tiny rider, but it also gives him something to hold onto when riding. While the back height isn’t adjustable (as is the case with most forward-facing chairs), the footrests are simple to adjust and the rubber straps keep tiny feet in place. Rather of rotating with the bars as other versions do, the seat remains front facing at all times. The moulded padding is thin, yet it provides enough comfort. The clamp’s rubberized bolt covers provide a great finishing touch.

  • Weight of seat and mount: 2.1kg
  • Suitable for children aged 7 months and up
  • 15kg is the maximum weight for a kid.

The best child bike seats are those that are suitable for the child and their bike.. Read more about thule ridealong child bike seat and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which child bike seat is best?

The best child bike seat is the one that fits your childs height.

What is the safest child bike carrier?

The safest child bike carrier is the Thule Chariot Cross 2.

What age can a child go in a bike seat?

A child can go in a bike seat when they are at least two years old.

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